Breast Augmentation in Oklahoma City

breast augmentation oklahoma city

Breast Augmentation in Oklahoma City

Where to get the Best Breast Augmentation in Oklahoma City?

Breast augmentation is the most demanded cosmetic plastic surgery not just in Oklahoma City but the entire United States. The demand for this plastic surgery has been on a constant rise over the last few years. Oklahoma City belongs in the West South Central region which together with the East South Central region experienced a 16% increase in breast augmentation procedures done in 2016.  In this time, 47,601 people had a breast implant operation, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this number is expected to go even higher. Oklahoma City with a population of 638,367 is supposed to be among one of the areas that’ll experience a significant rise in the number of people seeking this cosmetic surgery. But just how much do people living in this area know about the breast augmentation procedure?

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure done to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. The surgeon’s objective when conducting breast augmentation is also to improve the natural proportion and symmetry of the patient’s breasts. Ultimately, however, the decision on the size and shape of the breast to be enhanced is determined by the patient.

Breast augmentation uses various types of implants to achieve the needed results. The most common implants used are saline and silicone implants. The patient, depending on her needs and reasons for undergoing this procedure will with the advice of the surgeon choose one of these implants which will be inserted through strategic incisions. A breast augmentation procedure will:

  • Increase the fullness of your breasts. One of the biggest reasons for the increased demand of this operation is the dissatisfaction most women have with the size of their breasts. This surgery will significantly increase the size of your breasts helping you to fit better off in your dinner dresses.
  • Enhance the balance between your hips and the breasts. Some women tend to have issues with the proportion of their breasts to the hip contour. This is especially common among plus size women that have more prominent hip and bottom and a subtle chest. Through breast augmentation, your surgeon can recommend the size of an implant that will help to even out the imbalance.
  • Enhance your self-confidence. When you get fuller breasts, and your bras start to look like it is actually holding something your mental attitude will gain a significant boost. You will gain more confidence and bikini beach holidays will automatically feel more satisfying.

Before you get all wowed and rush to the nearest breast augmentation center in Oklahoma City, you also have to understand that there are several things that this operation cannot solve. One of these is a severely drooping chest. If your breasts are sagging severely for whatever reason be it genetic or post-delivery effect, breast augmentation alone cannot correct this problem. For such patients, you may have to undergo more than one operation like a breast lift to achieve your goal.

Breast Implants Options

The choice on which implant to use is typically saline vs. silicone thing. There is another filler type of augmentation implant, but it is rarely used.

  1. Saline Breast Implants

Saline is a widely used implant choice, but one of its drawbacks is how it feels. This implant is quite firm when compared to the silicone implants and natural breast tissue. This could be viewed as a good thing if you are looking for a bold breast projection. In any other case, however, its firmness is a significant drawback because every woman wishes for an implant that’ll not only make their breasts look attractive but also feel natural. Another problem with the firmness is that it increases the chances of anyone holding the breasts to feel the edges of the implant. This tends to happen mainly in women with little breast tissues or when the implant is placed on top of muscle tissues.

Saline breast implants are also different from silicone when it comes to how they look. Saline implants are more rigid and dramatic in appearance. They hardly respond to gravity or other such factors. The implant will therefore continually provide a structured appearance. This is a good thing to some ladies, but it can also be viewed as a shortcoming by women who would prefer to see their breasts look more natural like dropping due to gravity when they’re bent over.

The incisions used to insert saline implants are usually shorter. This is incredible because the smaller the incision, the smaller the size of scars and this also reduces the chances of scars being visible. The incisions are small because saline implants are empty when they’re inserted. The small nature of the incisions makes them ideal for women looking for a more prominent breast implant. They are also good for patients that want to use belly button or peri-areolar types of incisions.

Saline implants come in different sizes that are grouped depending on how much fluid they can hold. One of the sizes could, for instance, be 420cc to 450cc. Upon inserting the implant, the surgeon will fill it until the desired size is attained. Since the surgeon fills saline implants, he/she can decide to adjust the size of the implants used on each breast thus solving any asymmetrical issues present.

One of the most prevalent issues associated with saline breast implants is rupturing. When saline implants rupture, the fluid will be released deflating the implant, and your breast will consequently go down. Saltwater, that’s contained in these implants is not harmful, and your body will safely absorb it. The aesthetic effect left behind is, however, a headache. Imagine having one well-projected breast while the other one is tiny and drooping! For this reason, you will need to undergo another augmentation procedure to replace the deflated implant.

  • Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants are more popular than their saline counterparts, and it is easy to understand why. These implants are soft and the silicone gel used makes them look and feel like a natural breast. They are soft and respond more naturally to touch and gravity. From an appearance point of view, they cause less wrinkling and rippling, unlike the saline implants. For this reason, the implant is ideal for women that already have little breast tissues and when the procedure involves mounting the implant on top of the muscles. Silicone implants have also been extremely useful in women undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to, e.g., breast cancer. The catchment area for silicone implants is thus more extensive than saline breast material.

One of the challenges that silicone breast implants pose is the size of incisions they require. These implants are prefilled, and hence the surgeon has to make an incision big enough to squeeze the implant in. The bigger the implant, the longer the incision and this could be a problem during healing. It also means that chances of scarring are significantly increased and could be more visible. The large implants can, however, be placed through the breast crease (inframammary fold) were hiding the long incision is much easier.

Silicone breast implants are also not as adjustable as saline implants. These come in fixed sizes, e.g., 339cc, 410cc, etc. There is, however, a wide variety of sizes available to ensure that every patient can get a more exact fitting size.

Rupturing in silicone implants is not as common as experienced by saline users. When it occurs, the condition is referred to as a silent rupture because the patient may not notice any difference from outside. After rupturing the gel can either move to the neighboring tissues or stay within the breast capsule. To counter the silent rapture problem silicone breast implant users are advised by the FDA to undergo MRI 3 years after the augmentation surgery. It is also recommended that you continue the MRI scans after every two years to detect the raptures before any other problem arises.

Potential Complications of a Breast Augmentation Procedure

When you choose a board certified and experienced surgeon equipped with the right devices this procedure will rarely result in any complications. In several cases, however, complications are bound to happen, and some of the reported problems can include:

Infections and slow healing of incisions. The healing process of the incisions can slow down, and this increases the chances of infections. This is a problem common in smoking patients. It’s for this reason that most breast augmentation candidates are asked to stop smoking four weeks before the surgery to avoid such problem.

There are also cases of patients bleeding after the surgery. This problem will require the patient to go back to the operating room for a revision. Individuals undergoing this procedure should always try to remain within the vicinity of the facility to make quicker for such complications to be addressed.

Other complications include visible ripples or folds of the implant, hardening of the skin tissue near the implant and loss of sensation around the breasts.

How much the cost of breast augmentation in Oklahoma City?

Breast augmentation costs vary depending on the implant used and the experience and expertise of your surgeon. These charges are grouped as implant costs, surgeon’s fee, medical tests, anesthesia fee, hospital facility costs, drug prescription fee, and post-surgery garments. In most cases, this procedure will cost anything between $3500 – $6000. The average price in Oklahoma City is hence $4500, and this is according to data collected from 27 patients that had the procedure in the City.


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