Where to get a Gynecomastia Surgery in NYC?

gynecomastia nyc

Where to get a Gynecomastia Surgery in NYC?

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia is a medical condition characterized by the enlargement of breasts in the male. This condition might not have any severe medical repercussions, but it is known to cause some social severe interaction problems to a person. A lot of men out there have Gynecomastia. In the US alone, 50% of the male population suffers from Gynecomastia at some point in their lives. The condition is known to occur at different ages including teens of 12 years and adults as old as 50 years. Gynecomastia in 12 year-olds usually is as a result of changes in hormonal balance due to adolescence. In teens, the problem in most cases disappears as they approach their early 20s. In adults, however, Gynecomastia can be caused by a wide variety of factors and the condition will not go unless you take some severe measures.

The best-known treatment for Gynecomastia is the surgical male breast reduction procedure. Previously, getting rid of excess breast tissues was a lot difficult in men compared to the female patients. This is because of masculine breast container denser fat than women breasts. The procedure, however, became much easier with the introduction of power and ultrasound liposuction which has been very useful in solving the problem in thousands of male patients.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is caused by different factors. Before you undergo a reduction procedure, your surgeon needs first to understand the source of this problem. The confirmed causes of Gynecomastia include:

  1. Accumulation of Estrogen mimickers in the body. Estrogen is a sex hormone common in both men and women. Estrogen in men, however, is supposed to remain at low levels to balance out with the male sex hormone testosterone. An increase in estrogen levels causes an increase in fat deposits in your body. Some of this fat ends up in the breast and nipple region resulting in Gynecomastia.
  2. A decrease in testosterone levels. As we had pointed out, testosterone and estrogen levels need to be balanced. When your testosterone levels drop for whatever reasons like old age, it leaves behind an imbalance which leads to fat deposits around the breasts.
  3. Use of certain medication. There are diseases whose medications have side effects such as Gynecomastia. Cancer drugs and some antibiotics are examples of such medicines. Bodybuilding supplements can also cause breast enlargement.
  4. Mineral and vitamin deficiency
  5. Kidney and liver problems
  6. Tumors have been a source of gynecomastia in some cases
  7. Overworked thyroid gland can also cause breast enlargement

The Male Breast Reduction Procedure in NYC

Liposuction is the ideal method of treatment because it provides the desired results with very few chances of complications. Ultrasound liposuction is used due to the enormous fibrous nature of enlarged male breasts. Sometimes the fat deposit could be too escalated making it even denser and fibrous such that an ultrasound liposuction alone can’t get rid of all the excess fat. In such instances, the surgeon can make a small incision along the areola making it possible to remove the fat directly. If you have severe gynecomastia, a more aggressive type of reduction mammoplasty may be carried. This procedure will most likely leave behind scars that might not fade completely upon recovery.

This procedure is usually carried out as an outpatient and takes around 4 hours. After the operation, you’ll be covered with a compressive garment that’s supposed to aid your recovery and reduce swelling and pain. The garment should be worn for at least four days after which you can discard it. Satures will also be removed after one week.

Surgical techniques used during Reduction mammoplasty

  1. Ultrasonic liposuction method – This as discussed is an ideal option that has very minimal side effects. It reduces the chances of developing nipple distortion and is also usable to treat breast enlargement that’s taking place outside the glandular region.
  2. Minimally invasive method – This method uses a tiny incision (around 5mm) along the edges of your nipple. It helps to remove the extra glandular tissue remaining after liposuction. The technique is used by many because the small incision leaves a minimal and inconspicuous scar.
  3. Webstar Incision – It’s a commonly used technique where the incision is done around the dark skin just beneath your nipples. The scar left after this technique is also easy to hide.

Tissue excision in male breast reduction

Tissue excision is the last resort for people with severe gynecomastia. It is also used on patients with excessive sagging or stretched skin. Excision enables cosmetic surgeons to access and remove substantial amounts of skin and glandular tissues which is just not possible when doing liposuction alone.

The incision in this procedure can be done either at the chest creases or around the areola edges. The site for incision is hugely dependent on the extent needed for a safe and effective procedure and your overall expectations of what the results should be. The surgeon will also recommend to you on the best site of the incision where the process will not just be successful but also where hiding the scars left after recovery will be easy.

This technique of male breast reduction is also carried out as an outpatient using local anesthesia together with sedation or general anesthesia. Its recovery process is similar to the liposuction technique, but this one is more likely to leave you with swelling and some soreness problems. In one week you’ll, however, be ready to go back to work and in a few weeks you can fully resume your routine exercises.

Male breast reduction procedure candidates

Reduction Mammoplasty is an incredible operation with amazing benefits, but unfortunately, not every person can undergo this surgery. There is a group of people who are not allowed to take part in the reduction procedure for a variety of reasons. Some of these people include men with a serious medical condition and ones with unrealistic expectations.

Some known medical conditions do inhibit people from undertaking any procedure, not just reduction mammoplasty. Patients with severe cases of diabetes, for instance, are always discouraged from going under the knife, and this is mainly because the healing process might not be as smooth as required. The last thing you need is to have a flat and masculine contour around your chest but with some incision scars that just won’t heal. These wounds can end up developing into severe infections especially if they end up being exposed to bacteria. Your surgeon will, therefore, recommend that you avoid undergoing this procedure altogether because, in the end, it is not worth losing your life just because you want to remove some fat around your breasts.

Your expectations are the other thing that can stop your surgeon from performing reduction mammoplasty. Expectations can be a dangerous thing, and surgeons tend to stay away from people with wild expectations because Physicians always want to retain their credibility and success rates. This is the only way that they get to have more positive reviews and clients. No qualified and experienced surgeon will hence, be willing to operate on someone with expectations that are apparently impossible to achieve. A physician that is willing to do such procedures is probably a starter trying to get a payday and has nothing to lose. Undergoing any cosmetic surgery with an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon is a risk you shouldn’t take in the first place.

  • Ideally, the best candidate to undergo reduction mammoplasty should:
  • Have decent skin elasticity
  • Healthy
  • Emotionally and mentally stable
  • Should be over 18 years old. The procedure is never done on teens because hormonal imbalances could cause the breast enlargement during adolescence that can naturally disappear after puberty.

In general, to determine whether you are a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty you have to disclose your entire medical history to your doctor. This enables the cosmetic surgeon to decide whether the procedure is safe to perform or not.


Male breast reduction operations are not linked with any significant complications. One of the best ways through which plastic surgeons safely do these procedures is by, e.g., advising you to avoid taking alcohol and marijuana. These two contain compounds like nicotine that can affect the safety of performing breast reduction surgery. You are also encouraged to avoid using aspirin and any other medications and compounds causing blood thinning. In case you get any infection or illness a week before the scheduled day of surgery you should communicate the same to your doctor to see if it’s still safe to do the operation or if a rescheduling will be necessary.

The above measures help to cut down the chances of developing any complications during or after the operation. Following the instruction and on the hands of a board-certified surgeon, reduction mammoplasty is easy and safe to perform delivering incredible results. If you are looking for the best male breast reduction, make an appointment now!

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