Where to get a Breast Reduction in New York City

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Where to get a Breast Reduction in New York City

Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in New York City

Big breasts have always been perceived by many as an attractive thing. Perhaps this is why there is an insanely high demand for breast implant procedures in the cosmetics world. However, not everyone enjoys big breasts. Sometimes they tend to make the chest feel heavy, can cause back pains, and give you a headache when you are trying to get a fitting bra. Women whose big breasts are as a result of genes are the most affected. At times, such breasts are quite big such that its ratio does not match with the rest of the body size and this can be a source of some serious problems. Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty is a procedure that’s used to remedy this condition. It is very easy to confuse breast reduction with Mastopexy, but you need to understand that these two are entirely different. While Mastopexy is focused on reshaping your breasts and repositioning areolar and nipples, breast reduction involves taking out some breast tissues leading to smaller firmer breasts.

Breast reduction procedures are not just meant to improve your physical appearance. This operation is sometimes recommended as a medical solution to women experiencing certain conditions.

Indications that you need a Breast Reduction Procedure

Typically, a lady that needs a breast reduction operation will be complaining about the following issues:

  1. Back, neck and shoulder pain – when you have big breasts, they tend to be heavy naturally, and they’ll experience more gravitational pull. As a result, these breasts will be pulling you down, and their weight will strain your shoulders, neck, and back resulting in some discomforting pain.
  2. Skin rashes – skin rashes beneath or around breasts is also quite common in women with big breasts than their counterparts who have moderate or smaller breasts. This is particularly common in women who usually engage in physical activities like running, doing some house cleaning or even a simple gardening exercise. Such physical actions cause your body to sweat, and due to the significant size of your breasts a lot of this sweat can end up being trapped beneath the breasts. This sweat will manifest into sore, itchy and extremely uncomfortable rashes that can have you scratching your breasts for hours. Some people use antiperspirant or other prevention measures, but these are never permanent. After a breast reduction procedure, however, all these problems will be tackled permanently.
  3. Shoulder grooves and ruts – Shoulder grooves and ruts is a problem among women with slightly big breasts. These are caused by the straining of your bra as it attempts to hold the massive breasts. The grooves can sometimes be painful. In women with even bigger breasts, the problem is even worse. These women can rarely find a fitting bra. Most of the ones they try usually end up being too tight and uncomfortable where they can also prevent you from breathing correctly. Bras fitted with padded shoulder straps and under-breast supports have been used to support big breasts, but they are unfortunately quite expensive. With a one-off breast reduction procedure, you will boost both your physical appearance and bra choices.
  4. Problems breathing – People with big breasts don’t even have the luxury to sleep how they want. You always have to use a pillow on your back to get comfortable sleep. Big breasts make sleeping with your face down or while laying back a total nightmare. The weight of your breasts when laying on your back makes breathing a problem because all the pressure will press on your spine. Sleeping facedown will not only cause problems breathing but is also very uncomfortable, and you honestly won’t be able to sleep like this for more than 4 hours. A temporary solution for this is using a wedge pillow, but if you are seeking for a permanent one, a breast reduction procedure is recommended.

Breast Reduction NYC Techniques

Cosmetic surgeons use various techniques to reduce your breast tissues. The overall objective of breast reduction operations is to develop well-proportioned breasts by reducing their volume. The description of how proportional the breasts should vary from one user to another. It depends on the size of one’s body and could also be a subject of what the patient is looking for. In some cases, for instance, a patient will ask for more reduction to match her dream appearance without taking into account her body size. This is normal, and the physician will be obligated to do as you instruct.

Depending on what you are looking for and the amount of tissue that is to be removed, the surgeon will advise you about the best techniques that he/she can use. Other factors like your breast anatomy and type of tissues will also play a crucial role in determining which method will be effective. Some of the breast reduction procedure options include:

  • Liposuction for breast reduction

This is an excellent breast reduction procedure, but its uses are very limited. Not everyone can reduce breast tissues using liposuction. Firstly, it is meant for people that are looking for a moderate reduction. If your breasts are a little bigger than usual, then Liposuction will probably not give you the results you are looking for. The ideal candidate for this procedure should also have decent skin elasticity which should help to make removal of excess tissues much easier. It is also best used among women whose excess breast are as a result of too much fat tissue. The advantage of liposuction for breast reduction technique is reduced scars around the breasts which are virtually undetectable. Its effects are also reliable and long-lasting.

  • Anchor breast Reduction

Anchor or Inverted-T breast reduction is the best choice for women that need removal of massive amounts of breast tissues. This procedure makes use of three incision where one goes around the areola edges; another one runs down to the breast crease from areola while the last one is formed along the crease found beneath the breasts. This makes an inverted “T” shape. These incisions give the surgeon the best view and approach to remove and reshape as much breast tissue as possible to achieve the desired results. The biggest concern among most people using this technique is how these incisions and the left scars heal. Visible cosmetic scars are quite annoying and could even leave your breasts looking more discomforting than they were before the procedure. The anchor breast reduction incisions shouldn’t worry you though. When well taken care of (your surgeon should give you a guide on how to nurse the incisions) the scars should fade within twelve months. The scars can also be covered easily with cloths and bikini tops.

  • Vertical Breast reduction

Ladies with noticeable sagging breasts that are looking for a moderate reduction of excess breast tissues are the best candidates for vertical or “Lollipop” breast reduction technique. The operation uses two incisions one along areola edges and the other running down towards the inframammary fold from the bottom of the areola. This method enables the surgeon to get rid of excess skin, breast tissues, and fat. Additionally, the physician can also reshape the breasts internally and lift them up for a more youthful and sharp look. It also leaves some scars most of which will be beneath the nipple and can hence be hidden or covered by bikini tops or bra.

Breast Reduction Surgery in New York City

In general, a typical breast reduction operation takes 2 to 4 hours and is usually done as an outpatient procedure. The duration of this process depends on how much tissues is being removed and other alterations as directed by the patient. If you are trying to achieve both breast reduction and some lifting through vertical breast reduction technique, the operation might take a bit longer. During the procedure, excess tissue will be removed, and the remaining one will be reshaped, and dissolvable breast sutures could be added before you’re closed up. The surgeon with your permission can also go further to reduce the areola’s size to make them more proportionate to the new size of your firm breasts.

This procedure can be undertaken either under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The convalescence of this process is quite friendly. Most patients can restart their lightweight works in 5-7 days. Full recovery happens after three weeks, and you’ll be able to resume your regular routines fully without harming your breasts. Recovery time from a breast reduction procedure is usually painless except for the first night where pain levels are estimated to be a two on the pain scale. The surgeon will prescribe pain medications to deal with this.

Insurance information related to breast reduction procedure

Insurance cover on reduction mammoplasty is a bit complicated. Some carriers will provide cover for costs provided you can supply all the necessary documentation. In cases where the patients complain of physical issues like chest pain and a physician recommends a breast reduction remedy then your carrier is likely to cater for the costs.

Complications associated with reduction mammoplasty

Your surgeon will always discuss all potential complications associated with each of the breast reduction techniques before the operation. Very few complications happen though. The primary issue experienced by most patients is about the healing of scars. There have also been claims that blood transfusion might be necessary for breast reduction procedures. This is a misconception because certified and experienced physicians take a comprehensive blood count before the surgery to decide whether the operation will need additional blood. If indeed you may need extra blood then most physicians will simply refrain from doing the procedures until your blood count raises to the required levels. Other complications could include:

  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Diminished nipple sensitivity
  • Scar healing issues

Conclusively, reduction mammoplasty is an advantageous procedure that does more than just improving your physical appearance. The best way to achieve the best possible results from cosmetic surgeries is to ensure that you seek the services of a board certified, well-equipped and experienced surgeon. Under such a cosmetic artist you are almost guaranteed of excellent results with very minimal chances of complications.

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