Where to get a Breast Lift in NYC?

breast lift nyc

Where to get a Breast Lift in NYC?

Overview Breast Lift NYC

There is more to a pair of beautiful breasts than just the size. A woman could have a decent size of breasts, but if there is something wrong with their structure, then this could hugely affect how she feels about her general physical appearance. One, of the most significant problems that could affect your breast structures, is when they are sloping or dropping down. A lot of women out there are always insecure about sagging breasts, and this is a perfectly reasonable issue that’s easy to solve. Through Breast Lift or Mastopexy, a trained surgeon can solve breast ptosis or descending breasts that go beyond the inframammary fold. This procedure will help to restore perkier, firmer and the aesthetically pleasing shape that your breasts deserve.

Dealing with descending breasts can be approached from different angles. Sometimes the surgeon will have to get rid of the stretched skin, raise the areola and nipple or reshape the entire breast tissue to give you the desired results. Breast lift surgery can also help to reduce large and stretched areolae which will give your breasts a more proportionate, young and gorgeous appearance.

There are so, many reasons why a woman would seek for a Mastopexy procedure and this is due to various factors. These include:

  1. To restore the firm appearance before pregnancy – Pregnancy is one of the known reasons for sagging breasts. Upon pregnancy, the change in hormonal balance in your body will naturally lead to enlarged breasts. As you breastfeed, the breasts are always going to get bigger and slope down. The problem, however, comes after you are done with breastfeeding. You will realize that your breasts are left sagging and this is a very undesirable effect. It can be rectified through a simple Breast Lift, and you won’t even have to use implants.
  2. To boost breast contour – Breast contour can be affected due to various reasons such as aging and weight loss. Weight loss in women who were overweight or obese is an incredible thing, but one of the bad stuff that it leaves behind is excess loose skin. This can impact specific regions of the body including breasts. Mastopexy assists in delivering more proportional and firm breasts by getting rid of this excess skin.
  3. To enjoy more peaky breasts – There is a section of women out there whose genetics lead to naturally sagging breasts. This is an effect that can be witnessed as early as in the 20s and has been very discomforting among most ladies. Breast Lift solves this problem by editing your breast structure without necessarily removing any tissues or adding implants.

Breast Lift NYC

Sagging breasts is not just a problem in women with big breasts. Yes, it is common in this section, but even the group of ladies with small breasts can also experience ptotic breasts. If you have small breasts which are also ptotic, you probably think that your problems are too big for anyone to handle. That’s not the case. There have been successful procedures where breast augmentation and Mastopexy were simultaneously carried out. This means that you will not only be dealing with sagging breasts, but you’ll also get bigger, firmer and more youthful breasts all under one procedure! Of course, for such a complex operation you need to seek the expertise of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. This will require you to do a few consultations with people who have already undergone similar surgeries. It is also quite costly, but in the end, most women have found it to be worth every penny they paid for.

Types of Breast Lifts in NYC

This procedure can be carried out in a variety of ways depending on several factors. Before the operation begins, you and the surgeon will have to discuss the excess skin that you are trying to remove, the existing breast tissue, and your expectations at the end of the entire procedure. The consultations before going under the knife are very crucial because they are the determinant of how successful the operation will be. By successful we are not just talking about safely finishing the procedure but also to have the intended results that you wanted. It’s for this reason that you are always advised to be as specific and comprehensive as possible because that’s the only way that the physician will be able to do exactly what you want.

After the consultations, the surgeon will tell you about your breast lifts options and recommend one that’ll suit you best. Some of these Mastopexy options include:

  1. Crescent lift – This is a rarely used breast lifting procedure where a small incision is done halfway around your areola’s top half edge. It is used to correct breasts that are mildly sagging. The process is sometimes conducted alongside breast augmentation for better results.
  2. Peri-areolar – It’s another operation for remedying mildly sagging breasts using just one scar. It involves a round incision running along the areola which is quite thoughtful because the scar will trace the edges of areola thus reducing its visibility. It is also useful in reducing the size of the areola and can be carried out alongside breast augmentation.
  3. Vertical Lift – It is also referred to as the lollipop lift that’s used to rectify moderately sagging breasts. The procedure is done using two incisions where one is made along the edges of the areola with the other one going down vertically to the inframammary fold from the areola. This creates a lollipop-like shape thus its name. It’s a standard procedure that can be utilized either to reshape the breasts or to get rid of the excess skin entirely. The surgery is also famous because the incisions are modest and comfortable to hide.
  4. Anchor or Inverted T Lift – If you have excessive skin sagging your breasts then this is your best Mastopexy procedure option. The operation enables the surgeon to remove the sagging tissue and excess skin giving you your dream firm breasts. It is done using three incisions, one around the inframammary fold, and another along the edge of the areola and the last one goes down from beneath the areola all the way to the breast crease. This technique has also been used when one wants both a breast reduction and a lift. The problem with this is the visible scars left behind. There is, however, some therapies suggested online that can assist in fading them away. The scars can also be hidden with a bikini top.

The Breast lift NYC Operation

This operation is usually done on an outpatient basis because it is considered as a safe and straightforward procedure which rarely exposes its patients to any health risks. People with other medical condition can be considered for inpatient services. Breast lift operations don’t take more than 2 ½ hours when done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. After a successful surgery, patients are usually allowed to go back home for recovery. During this recovery time, your breasts could be under a surgical bra, or you could be bandaged up depending on what the physician thinks is best for you. A few pain medications will also be prescribed to you because the first night after the surgery it might feel a little painful. Over time this pain will go down and vanish within ten days. Typically, a Mastopexy procedure will only require three weeks before you are fully recovered and ready to resume your daily routine. You can also seek the green light from your surgeon in case you want to engage in athletic activities, but you are still worried about harming the breasts. It’s recommended that during this recovery time you stay in the vicinity of your surgical center in case of any complications.

This procedure is always undertaken with the patient under general anesthesia. This is due to the repositioning necessary during the operation, and the time it takes to complete the procedure.

Warnings before undergoing Breast Lift

The biggest safety precaution you need to undertake before undergoing this procedure is to avoid smoking. In fact, most licensed plastic surgery centers run by experienced surgeons refrain from operating on smokers. Smoking significantly increases the chances of complications when doing a breast lift. Nicotine constricts blood vessels reducing the amount of blood supplied to the nipple, and this can negatively affect the operation. For this reason, most surgeons will ask you to quit smoking for at least a month before they can consider doing a mastopexy.

Complications associated with Breast Lift

If you have successfully identified an experienced surgeon, then chances of any complications are very minimal. This does not, however, mean that this procedure cannot cause any problems because when it’s poorly done, you could experience:

  • Diminished nipple sensitivity and sensation
  • Issues with nipple healing and circulation
  • Scarring and general healing problems

If you are planning on losing weight in future or getting more babies, it’s advisable that you hold on from undergoing this procedure until you have accomplished your goals. Mastopexy is a rewarding procedure that delivers long-lasting results, but it can also be reversed by factors such as breastfeeding and weight loss. When the breast lift is carried out by a certified cosmetic surgeon, you will never have to deal with sagging breasts issues or insecurities again. If you are looking for the best breast lift in New York City, you came to the right place.

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