Where to get a Breast Augmentation in New York City?

breast augmentation nyc

Where to get a Breast Augmentation in New York City?

Introduction to Breast Augmentation NYC

If you are looking for the top plastic surgeons in NYC, you came to the right place. Do you want to know more about where to get the best breast implants in NYC or other plastic surgeries such as a breast reduction?  First, let us give you a short overview of the breast implant surgery.

Before being surpassed by Liposuction, breast augmentation or breast lift was the most sought-after plastic surgery procedure. In the United States alone, there are over 300, 000 breast implant procedures carried out annually so you can just imagine the number of women seeking breast augmentation worldwide. It is hence a highly demanded procedure that has literally changed how women look and feel about their bodies. There are so many reasons for a woman to look for a breast augmentation procedure. While some are trying to restore the initial size and firmness of their breasts, others are merely trying to increase the size for better physical appearance. Regardless of what your reasons are and your age when on the table of a well-qualified artistic plastic surgeon breast augmentation will boost not just your look, but your entire psychological perception about yourself thus improving your self-confidence and esteem.

Undergoing a breast implant procedure is not all about laying down on the table and waiting to wake up in a few hours with firmer and bigger breasts. There’s is so much into it than that. Before your surgeon even starts making incisions, you have to relay your intended goal and the expectations of the whole procedure. With this information, you will make it easier for the physician to tell you about the best approaches to achieve your goals. You should know that there are very critical decisions that you’ll have to make when undergoing Breast Augmentation in NYC. Each of these decisions works better off when you are more specific about your objective of the procedure. It is essential that you also know that each choice you make about breast implants NYC is associated with its own pros and cons. The critical decisions that you’ll have to make are about:

  1. The site of incision i.e. whether it’s around the areolar, in the axilla or below your breasts
  2. The choice of the implant to be used, i.e., Saline or silicone
  3. The placement site of the selected implant, i.e., below or above the muscle

Breast Implants NYC

The Incision site

The choice on the area of the incision is a personal decision that is hugely reliant on the aesthetics you’re hoping to achieve. Some women prefer axillary incisions because it’s the best place where breast incisions won’t be seen during intimate intercourse or when looking at the mirror. Others choose areolar or below the breast because hiding the incisions is a lot easier and can be done even with a tiny bikini top. Here is a brief pros and cons review of each of these incision sites:

Areolar incisions


  • Areolar tissue can help to hide the scars
  • It’s an ideal approach for future breast surgery procedures
  • It’s a perfect approach if you are treating tuberous breast or mildly sagging breast
  • Visible implant positioning and pocket creating

Disadvantages of Areolar incisions

  • Can cause future problems when breastfeeding
  • The scar might become the focal point of your breast which is visible
  • Potentially exposes the implant to bacteria and other breast tissue which can result in infections and capsular contracture
  • It’s a sensitive part of the breast so in case of any problems the effects can be catastrophic

Axilla Incisions


  • Scar perfectly blends with the skin crease
  • You won’t have to deal with the scar on your breast
  • It provides surgeons with better visibility at implant placement, pocket creation and bleeding increasing the chances of a better and more prosperous procedure.
  • Least visible implant scars


  • Mostly limited to tuberous breast and mildly sagging surgeries
  • The scar might be visible when wearing a sleeveless top
  • If you have small underarms then making the required long incisions might be impossible
  • Future operations of, e.g., removing scar tissues might be complicated with this approach

Below Your breasts


  • Visible implant positions and pocket creation
  • An excellent method for future breast surgeries
  • If you have deep folds, then the scar will hide below the breasts
  • Provides remarkable access to place silicone gel implants
  • Great approach to treat tuberous and mildly sagging breasts


  • Scars could be visible when lying flat

What is your breast implant new york city choices?

Breast implant choices come in different heights, widths, and projections. You can choose a smooth round implant, a shaped implant that’s round at the bottom, oval at the bottom or with a classic base. Others go for textured round breasts. It is all up to you and how you want to look.

When it comes to the material making the implants you have two choices:

Saline Implants

Saline implants used to be popular back in the days before silicone implants were introduced. They are, however, still usable and available. Saline implants are typically filled with sterilized saltwater and are recommended to women who want a “Baywatch” appearance with decent projection and upper pole fullness or ones that don’t want to use silicone implants for different reasons.

Advantages of Saline Implants

  • In case of an implant rapture detecting, it is quite easy
  • Its volume can be adjusted during surgery to give you the exact size you are looking for
  • Has in many cases been providing the best degree when it comes to upper pole fullness and breast projection
  • It uses slightly small incisions
  • They are less costly than silicone implants

Disadvantages of Saline Implants

  • Compared to silicone implants saline seems to feel less natural and firm
  • The risk of implant rippling and rupture is high
  • They are a bit heavier compared to silicone implants which can result in “bottoming” effect due to a gravitational pull

Silicone Implants

Silicone Implants are FDA approved to be used on ladies above 22 years old. These implants are known to cause a more natural breast look and texture, and that’s why they are popular compared to their Saline counterparts. Silicone breast implants new york city can either be filled with regular silicone gel or highly cohesive silicone gel.

Regular Silicone Gel Implants

The pros of these implants include:

  • Reduced chances of implant rippling
  • They are the softest with an effortlessly natural texture desired by most women


  • They need a longer incision to be implanted
  • A leaking regular silicone gel implant may not collapse which could make it hard for you to detect a rapture
  • They are mainly available in round shapes. Teardrop, which is popular, is a bit hard to come by.

Highly cohesive silicone gel implants

The highly cohesive gel in these implants will give your breasts a firmer and thicker appearance.


  • Limited cases of rippling, capsular contracture and ruptures makes them ideal for long-term use
  • The teardrop highly cohesive silicone gel implant look more natural than most other implants
  • They are available in both teardrop and round shapes


  • They might feel a bit firmer when touched than regular breasts
  • Requires a long incision for placement
  • The gummy bear implants have about 1% risk of mal-rotation
  • They are quite expensive

Implant Placement

The placement of implants can either be below or over your muscles. Your surgeon should help you in determining which one will be your best option considering factors such as body type and size and your overall expectations from the procedure.

Under the Muscle Implants – These can be placed either beneath the pectoral muscles wholly or partially. Full sub-muscular implants are not very common but could help to prevent rippling. Partial or sub-pectoral implants are mounted partially under the chest and pectoral muscles and another piece of the breast tissues. It helps to reduce the risk of capsular contracture and enhances the natural slope of breast tissue. The con with this placement is that you will need a longer recovery time.

Over the muscle implants – it is also referred to as the sub-glandular implant placement. Here, the implants are placed over or above the fibrous and muscle tissues. The edges of these breast implants might be visible in women with thin skin, little body fat and minimal breast tissue. These placements can be used to correct mildly sagging breasts. Over the muscle implant placement take little time to recover and are less painful. It also promotes natural movement of breasts when you are walking or using the chest muscles unlike in the under muscle placements where your breasts might appear contracted or squeezed.

Possible Breast Augmentation NYC Complications

Most breast augmentation complications revolve around deflation and wrinkling of the implants and capsular contracture. Other patients also experience nipple numbness especially women that used areolar incision. This is some rare cases, lasts longer than expected and can even become permanent. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is another issue that you may experience after a breast implant procedure. Documentations shows that this is a problem majorly associated with textured implants or among patients that suffer from fluid accumulation in the breast (seroma). The good news is this malignancy problem can be treated.

In general, the best way to avoid Breast Augmentation complications is to follow the recommendations given and to contact your physician as soon as you feel something is off. You are, for instance, advised to avoid major physical activities in the first few days for you to fully recover. Other plastic surgery hospitals also provide inpatient care where they will nurse you until you are good to go.

Plastic Surgery NYC

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